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To file a successful ad?

Our advertising the advertisement is displayed prominently in the major search engines Google, Yahoo!. We are very proud of and proud. Here we offer a description and instructions on how to be more successful in drawing publicity texts only in our advertising. Therefore, pay little attention to these rows and read carefully.

Place a free ad very successful, it is possible. Correct assembly of the advertising text is a basic prerequisite for effective advertising. But it is true that some have called advantage advertisements highlighted. This is because thus submitted advertisement is usually distinguished from the other ads and gets more people interested and more links to advertising text (whether it be a different color, highlight the icon, or disclosure in a category at the top position).
Here we show a few tips and an example of how best to put together an interesting and successful advertisement.

Successful Ad Title - Title

The title is one of the most important elements of the whole advertisement. Your title must concisely and briefly offered item or describe the service, the goal is to attract the attention of the visitor advertising site. Under the heading, the potential "candidates" will decide whether the offered goods - Service wants to know more information or not, and whether therefore further inspect the ad in detail and eventually the matter - the service or purchase orders. The length of the title is on the advertising sites often limited, mostly advertiser has headed enter into 50 characters. It's not much, but to create a short, attention-grabbing headline and vystihujícího it is quite sufficient. Use if possible, therefore the entire length of the title, short captions are often meaningless. Let's look at the following example:

Poorly: I will sell a car
Poorly: Buy Skoda Fabia TDi engine 1,9, performance 74kw, manufactured in 2008, after the first owner
Correctly: Skoda Fabia combi 1,9 TDi, 74kw, 2008, 1. owner

In the first case the title is short and very general. It can not be read from the type of vehicle specifically it and what are its main characteristics. In the second case, We already know what a particular type of car it is, but here is the caption too broad and very long. You do not have specific data not describe one who buys a car knows that the value of 1,9 TDi indicates the volume and type of engine that 74kw performance is like. If you want, you can thus expand in the text of the advertisement, but the title for these labels with engine performance, produced in ...) Is not enough space, if we want to include other important information. So we heading in the third case appropriately adjusted so that it is concise, brief, contains the main specific data and a reasonable length.

Useless is stated in the headline as well as expressions sell or I will buy whether it is a supply or demand is specified for each advertising server separately. The words in the title does not neskloňujte nečasujte, nouns indicate, if possible, always in the nominative. If someone is searching your advertisement, you may enter an expression (Skoda Fabia) and not the expression (Skoda Fabia)

Effective text ad - Description

Try to keep in mind the benefits for your customers and emphasize the model.
Build your ad text
Here is an overview of the rules concerning the establishment of ad text.

        1. Avoid confusion (unclear words).
        2. Arrange individual points of the advertising text with respect to their importance.
        3. Graphic characters (their variations) are suitable for highlighting text.
        4. Change the type, size and font style information in each text.
        5. Consider the inclusion of text in simple, conversational sentences.

To AD must place the most characteristic information to achieve highly efficient performance of your supply or demand part of the survey suggest that most readers respond to those ads that communicate in supply and demand as much specific information.

The actual text ad is a crucial part of the whole advertisement. In describing in detail inquiring about what you are offering or demanding. Feel free to expand - try to bring maximum relevant information about the sold item or service. Indicate all relevant parameters sold subject or a suitable description of the services offered and its main characteristics.

The text of the advertisement should not be too short, but not extremely long. In a short advertisement on one or two sentences probably does not describe adequately the subject, far too short text on the advertising server rather perish in the flood of other content. On the other hand, however, avoid unnecessarily lengthy text of several thousand characters. Such long advertisement reader usually not until the end nedočte at best, in the worst case, such a long advertisement or read begins. The ideal length of the text of the advertisement is to 1000 characters. This length can be conveniently object or service adequately describe without unnecessarily burdening the reader a lengthy text or vice versa ad due to a short description of the server disappeared between different content. At insignificant amount of advertising servers length of the text is also limited, is usually just limit 1000 characters. For longer ads may thus be that the text is truncated inappropriately eg. In the middle of a word or sentence.

Feel free to also take your ad, you would prefer your item or service to sell! The advert is a type of advertising or promotional messages and the main purpose of advertising is to make potential buyer approached. Therefore, write an ad without grammatical errors - advertisement with grammatical errors does not cause too legit. At the beginning of sentences, always use capital letters and avoid non-literary expressions.

If this is the advertising server strictly prohibits or unless they have a personal or other reasons given in the text ad contact information. Some advertising servers, however, are reserved for contact information form field and it is unnecessary to enter contact information once to describe the ad. Stating the contact information for easier and faster communication between you and your potential buyer of an object or service. Also, putting prices in the text of the advertisement is never a bad thing, though it can be entered anywhere else. If the object or service you do not want or can not specifically quantify, you can instead provide at least verbal data such. Price agreement or price Offer free. For completeness, you can specify the text ad community or region for which your offer is, or you can also specify subscription options or delivery method of your object or service.

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