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Renting rooms Czech Lipa Lada

05.01.2017 - Renting rooms Czech Lipa ...

dohodou offer - Liberec region
Rent room in the Czech Lipa on Ladech, private facilities, kitchenette on the corridor. Price is negotiable.
I offer cheap house

24.10.2016 - I offer cheap house

dohodou offer - All CR
I offer cheap house
Purchase of property for cash, debt relief estate

25.10.2016 - Purchase of property for cash ...

offer - Central Bohemian Region
Purchase of property for cash! Debt Relief estate! Solution execution! We purchase the property (and debt - oddlužíme) in cash to 48 hours. We also offer payment execution, debt relief estate, long-term loans, short-term interest-free loans and ...
Apartment rentals in Brno

10.12.2016 - Apartment rentals in Brno

offer - All CR
Looking for housing in Brno and fear that REASONABLE or do not know what to do? We will help you find housing from direct owner, not of RK, where they take a big commission. The size of the apartment according to your requirements.
Rent a garage in Jihlava

26.10.2016 - Rent a garage in Jihlava

29,61 € offer - All CR
Rent a row of garages in Jihlava street Kosovo against Jiprintu.25m2. 800Kč.
Buy Supplies

11.01.2017 - Buy Supplies

5 551,44 € offer - All CR
Buy garden in Moravsky Krumlov. 500 m2 fenced and maintained. On land cottage + shed for tools.
I offer car 3kk duplex apartment with a terrace, Nymburk

12.01.2017 - I offer car ...

407,11 € offer Prague East
We offer long term rental duplex, loft atypical, spacious apartment 3kk. (90 m2) with terrace. The apartment is fully furnished, bright-oriented SW, two bathrooms, 18-meter roofed terrace awning, overlooking the parku.K cellar 8m2 and ...
Homesharing Trebic

06.01.2017 - Homesharing Trebic

129,53 € offer - All CR
Rent a separate, separate room in a very nice apartment in Trebic nástavbové to Hajek. Other information, like I will make a tour of the apartment, of course, possible.
Rent a cottage for holiday stays - Kadan

12.11.2016 - Rent a cottage for holiday ...

25,91 € offer - Usti Region
We rent dvojchatu when both parts have their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom. , living room, bedroom, outdoor seating area with fireplace and outdoor spaces. Prior to the lodges is common parking, the whole property is fenced. The cottages are suitable for all ...
Sales of flat to Slovak

15.12.2016 - Sales of flat to Slovak

dohodou offer Germany
Buy an apartment in the Slovak Republic - the city Partizánske - + 3 1. Move possible instantly.
Apartment for Slovak -město Partizánske

19.12.2016 - Apartment for Slovak -město ...

50 000,00 € offer Austria
nice apartment in 3. floor in a nice town with nice surroundings
4 + kk Vršovice

06.12.2016 - 4 + kk Vršovice

555,14 € offer - All CR
4 + kk, 98 m2., Locality Vršovice, ul. In the foreground, the apartment is insulated panel building, under the Vinohrady hospital, just across from Albert metro Strašnická 7 min., Lines 22, 24 and 7 (Cuba Square), NC Eden one stop. Central heating, bathroom with bath, complete ...
Rent a garage in Karlovy Vary

08.12.2016 - Rent a garage in Karlovy Vary

18,50 € offer Carlsbad
Rent a garage in Karlovy Vary, West st., Electricity, excellent condition. Price 500Kc / month. Volna in January 17.
Rental of offices and storage facilities in Litvinov

12.12.2016 - Rental of offices and ...

111,95 € offer - All CR
We lease office premises in Litvinov M and M MARKETING SERVICE. The price includes the following: lease parking in the fenced and guarded area, electricity, water and internet. There is a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. To...
RD. Plavec near Znojmo

15.12.2016 - RD. Plavec near Znojmo

23 279,05 € offer - All CR
4 + kk, backyard, barn, garden, everything you need nearby, discount 200.00 CZK, price now only 629.000 CZK.
Fachwerkhaus in Nord-Böhmen

17.12.2016 - Fachwerkhaus in Nord-Böhmen

offer - Europe
Ich eine VERKAUF Grose Fachwerkhaus unweit in deuchen Granze.Es möglich ist das neu Gastehaus erstallen. Es ist teilweise renoviert, neues Bad, about electricity, die die Überprüfung Shonsteine ​​usw. Annehnmeglichkeiten alle sind vorhanden. Walder, radfahren, historische und Naturdenkmäler.

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