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photo Date        name ad Price list Type of ad region
Art deco bedroom 1927

13.03.2017 - Art deco bedroom 1927

5 551,44 € offer - All CR
Narhl bedroom arch. Bohumil Waigant, the disciple of prof. Kotera. The whole is in very good condition, total 12 pieces including lamps. More photos and information on request.
Larger collections of postage stamps of China

01.01.2017 - Larger collections of postage stamps ...

dohodou inquiry - All CR
- Especially from the years 1950 and 1980 - 300 000 do I buy Kc [according to the extent] and immediately in hotovosi zaplatim.Pripadne well as individual brand., Serie A sheet.
The collection of phone cards

17.03.2017 - The collection of phone cards

dohodou offer - All CR
Buy a collection of phone cards, about 100 pieces, mainly the Czech Republic, offer cenuProdám collection of phone cards, about 100 pieces, mainly the Czech Republic, offer price
South Bohemian village VV Smith, 1901-1969

12.01.2017 - South Bohemian village VV ...

1 036,27 € offer - All CR
Oil painting on canvas by painter VV Novak (1901-1969) x 94 36 cm - measured in the frame. Painted in 1961, signed lower left.

13.01.2017 - Mill

dohodou offer - All CR
retro Mlynky I have more species available on request Photos
We accept artworkEducation to the Spring auction of art

16.02.2017 - We accept artworkEducation to ...

inquiry - All CR
Free would appreciate advice and will provide a convenient and secure sell your pictures in our auctions 100% of legal guarantees. We are available for personal, non-binding and free consultation. in the event that you have for sale a larger file of articles, we will ...
Buy West German Deutschmark

24.01.2017 - Buy West German Deutschmark

0,04 € inquiry - All CR
Buy Paper West German marks, which expired introduction of the euro.
horse sleigh

28.01.2017 - horse sleigh

3 886,01 € offer Zlin
Buy horse sleigh from 1900 - 1920, after a complete, cost costly renovation. Sledges are for six people. Fittings, upholstery and carpentry, everything is honest manual labor. For evening rides and nature along the sides of the lamp. On the right side is forged ...
engraved glass

15.02.2017 - engraved glass

dohodou offer - All CR
Etched glass for whatever you wish. Mugs, drink coffee, vases ...... maybe write dedications
models of aircraft L-L-59 and 159

20.02.2017 - models of aircraft L-L-59 and 159

1 295,49 € offer - ALL COUNTRIES -
Buy pieces of aircraft models 2-59 Albatros L and L-Alca 159, 1: 25, original and rare models normally unmarketable. Made in the aerospace development department Aero only for the purpose of promoting the office of the Director of Aero Vodochody. Priskyřice epoxy material. The offer is promotional ...
Extensive collection of philatelic material

09.03.2017 - A comprehensive set of ...

dohodou offer - All CR
It is about postage stamps, envelopes, postcards and greeting cards Czechoslovak pre-war and after the year 1945, the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia [1939 - 1945] Slovak state [1939 - 1945], European countries and overseas, stored in more than 100 trays, albums. .... all quality, layout and with ...
Who donates the pick-up

15.03.2017 - Who donates the pick-up

0,00 € inquiry Austria
any electronics, appliances, optics, cameras, old mobile phones or even home accessories - whatever you unwanted, unused etc. We warmly thank you very much for any offer.

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