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lifting face

01.12.2016 - lifting face

offer - Silesian ...
I offer an amazing depth care with Mary Kay in the comfort of your home at the price 250kč per person. You want to feel beautiful and lush let me cuddle with u. I like to advise you to the basics of makeup. Much to you těším.Tel.
 Earnings for passengers and taxi drivers

18.02.2017 - Earnings for passengers and ...

zdarma offer - All CR
We present to you: Liftago Liftago Taxi Taxi is a brand new technology services through mobile applications that directly connects passengers (with the application Liftago Taxi) with taxi drivers (with the application Liftago Driver), and provides benefits to all participants: • Passengers ...
Secured a new car

23.02.2017 - Secured a new car

111,03 € offer - All CR
I offer the opportunity to get a new car Skoda Fabia in full equipment under very favorable conditions. Without an income, without registries and almost zero deposits. KM foray into 25000 / year. The price also liability, accident insurance and ...
assistance in domestic matters

10.12.2016 - assistance in domestic matters

dohodou offer - Prague and surroundings
Hello, I offer occasional assistance by prior phone. Arrangement with the elderly and children and help in domáctnosti.Pracuji as a nurse in the hospital myself grandmother and practice with the elderly and children, I have more than 30 let.Mohu help with lightly zždravotně and disabled children. ..
We are looking masseuses

16.01.2017 - We are looking masseuses

dohodou offer - All CR
Introduced into the salon in Lounech accept part-time masseuse. Rushing.
Telemarketing services

17.02.2017 - Telemarketing services

dohodou offer - All CR
If your company is looking for call center services, do not hesitate to contact us. Our call center offers use of our services when selling new products and services, reaching new and existing customers, arranging meetings, market research or customer service ...


na dotaz offer - All CR
THERAPY - elimination of physical pain - the permanent elimination of the causes of pain - psychotherapy - to remove negative energies - energies of positive charge - energy massage HOUSEHOLD CLEANING - cleaning negative energy - protection of the home -...
Looking for hairdresser

04.01.2017 - Looking for hairdresser

inquiry - Prague and surroundings
Hairdressing studio in Prague 1-Jewish Quarter, take in its small team of skilful hairdressers / kadeřnici.Výhodné conditions-opening time according to the client, family environment, letting 9000, - / month, while occupying two seats sleva.Nástup soon as possible, or ...
wrecking service

14.01.2017 - wrecking service

v textu offer Šumperk
Offer towing service for cars. Towing vehicles, as well as transporting vans, including migration. 12 price CZK per Km
Problems in Business? Buy your business

17.01.2017 - Problems in Business? ...

dohodou offer - All CR
Our activity and strength in complexity. We relieve you of the burden in the form of both companies in bankruptcy. We will establish a new company, with the right help starting a business. We care about your debts and cash flow. You arrange a business or unsolvable problems, we provide ...
interpretation of cards

25.01.2017 - interpretation of cards

7,40 € offer - All CR
Do you charge? You have a problem and do not know what to do with him? You need to know the answers to your questions? Need advice? Surely we can find a solution. I offer an interpretation of tarot cards, angelic cards, numerology and pendulum. I also deal with chakra. All processing written ...
Interpretation of cards, counseling

28.01.2017 - Interpretation of cards, counseling

offer - Prague and surroundings
I offer an interpretation of cards on the matter, consultations regarding life themes, rituals. Write about what you're interested in, or what your problem and I will go to respond to email.
tantric massage

28.01.2017 - tantric massage

66,62 € offer - ...
We bring you a unique offer relaxation, which is being worked with your own sexual energy. Part of tantra massage are different kinds of touch, from subtle to dynamic. You will experience a full body massage. Few things can tune into your senses ...
Wedding Invitations - Printing - over 350 non-traditional motifs

29.01.2017 - Wedding Invitations - Printing -...

v textu offer - All CR
Print wedding, over 350 original and unusual motifs. Complete range of themes can be found on our website. Prices from 12 CZK / ks depending on the size and number of pieces ordered. Wedding announcement course, we can make invitations to ...
Interpretation of cards, divination Brno

29.01.2017 - Interpretation of cards, divination Brno

18,50 € offer - All CR
Scher fortune teller will tell you the interpretation of the cards in person in Brno or e-mail. Interpretation of the cards will help you in your decision, what direction to go, such as the need to conflicting human relationships, work, finances, health, future. Believe that nothing in life happens just like that.
interpretation of cards

16.02.2017 - interpretation of cards

18,50 € offer Brno city
Interpretation of cards, in person and remotely, for all situations, family, relationship, love, health, home, career, education, employment, money, self-fulfillment, and how to continue, the answer to each question, the past - the future - presence, a wholly owned personally Brno, 500 price CZK per hour.

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