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photo Date        name ad Price list Type of ad region
Wood briquettes

28.11.2016 - Wood briquettes

192,45 € offer Rychnov
Buy briquettes hardwood 1000kg for 5200 CZK, taking in Dobruška.
Construction work

05.12.2016 - Construction work

offer - All CR
We offer construction and demolition preparatory work, including ecological disposal of waste and debris. Further excavation work and using mechanization and handmade. Tel .:


0,04 € offer - All CR
Prodám stavební materiál, mám volné faktury a úřtenky za rok 2016,2017. Možné pro plátce i neplátce DPH. lze využít i pro stavební spoření.
Decking, flooring ..

12.01.2017 - Decking, flooring ..

Dohodou offer - Usti Region
Buy tiling, flooring, fence, lumber ... Just call, thanks.
New radiator fittings

07.01.2017 - New radiator fittings

7,36 € offer - All CR
New fittings needed to connect jakýhokoliv radiátoru.výroce Ivar Steno, I pack pieces 15: 1 / 2 \\\ "termoventil.termostatická head, H-valve to the radiator and VK Korádo for 199 CZK / ks. Closable fitting, fitting for copper CU 15 89 and ALPEX for the Support Awarding case of collecting all ...
New Pex / Al Pex Pipes

07.01.2017 - New Pex / Al Pex Pipes

144,34 € offer - All CR
PEX / AL pipe suitable for distribution of heating to radiators, or super-floor heating. it's quality material ALPEX specified life 50 years. oxygen barrier packaging 200 Price per package 3900Kč. U-joints CZK 1,5 95 compression fitting for CZK rozdělovač.Je can bring ...
Pipe for floor heating 18x2

08.01.2017 - Pipe for underfloor heating ...

0,67 € offer - All CR
Pipe for floor heating, original packed. The rest of our reconstruction, which already vacant. Packs of 200, 4 have boxes for a total 800. Pipe for floor heating 18x2, oxygen barrier, 5-layer. PC 33Kč / meter, now 18Kč / meter. The price is right - after an ...
Valves to radiators New ETC.

08.01.2017 - Valves to radiators New ETC.

7,36 € offer - All CR
The thermostatic valves on radiators 30ks, I 30Xtermohlavice for 179Kč, 30X1 / 2 \\\\\\\ 'valves for thermal 190Kč, 30XHa-VK valves on radiators and 199Kč, 30X1 / 2 \\\\\\\' closable fitting on the reverse for 85Kč, console for 60Kč, you can send mail anywhere and can lead ...
Radiators Korado Radik New ETC.

08.01.2017 - Radiators Korado Radik New ETC.

58,11 € offer - All CR
Termohlavice 179Kč, Radiators new warranty is 10let, radiators Korado Radik classic type 21 height 50cm I 1 length for 1570Kč, 120cm for 1750Kč, 140cm for 1940Kč, 160cm for 2120Kč, 180cm for 2300Kč, 2 for 2490Kč, komzole for the Czech 60Kč.Výrobce Třebová.Je may lead throughout ČR.ATD.
larch shingle

21.01.2017 - larch shingle

dohodou offer - All CR
Buy larch shingle brought from Jesenik directly from Šrubař. 90m2 amount, approximately 2500ks.rozměry - 600mm length, width -90mm. Purchased for 450kčm2. Price Varnsdorf
New radiators Radik

28.01.2017 - New radiators Radik

90,30 € offer - All CR
Radiators Korado Radik classic type 22 50 height 1cm length for 2440Kč, 120cm for 2770Kč, 140cm for 3100Kč, 160cm for 3420Kč, 180cm for 3160Kč, 2 for 4070Kč.Radiátory are new guarantee of 10 let.ATD.Je can lead komkoliv throughout. Construction, heating, boilers, faucets, gas, solid fuels,
NANO protection fireplace glass

29.01.2017 - NANO protection fireplace glass

17,99 € offer - All CR
Set for cleaning and protection of fireplace glass using Nano technology.
NANO box to protect the kitchens and bathrooms

29.01.2017 - NANO box to protect the kitchens and ...

36,49 € offer - All CR
NANO box for easy maintenance kitchens, bathrooms and everything else using nano technology. Easy application and long-lasting effect. Scale, smudges and dirt faded longer have a chance.
Sales and installation of fencing

31.01.2017 - Sales and installation of fencing

dohodou offer - All CR
Since the mesh plastic to concrete. Quality and reasonable price.
Radiators Korado Radik type 22 New Etc.

06.02.2017 - Radiators Korado Radik type 22 ...

77,72 € offer - All CR
Radiators Korado Radik classic type height 22 50 1 cm length for 2020Kč, 120cm for 2100Kč, 140cm for 2320Kč, 160cm for 2560Kč, 180cm for 2810Kč, 2 for 3050Kč.Radiátory are new guarantee of 10let.ATD.Je can lead komkoliv throughout.
New radiators Radik

14.02.2017 - New radiators Radik

75,87 € offer - All CR
Radiators Korado Radik classic type 22 60 height 1cm length for 2050Kč, 120cm for 2320Kč, 140cm for 2590Kč, 160cm for 2850Kč, 180cm for 3120Kč, 2 for 3390Kč.Radiátory are new guarantee of 10 years of strong two-platen výkonné.ATD.Je can lead komkoliv throughout the country.

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