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Additional income for everyone

23.10.2016 - Additional income for everyone

333,09 € offer - South-Moravian region
You want to earn some money for some that crown? You are reliable, diligent and hardworking and you are more than 18 years? Is there an opportunity for you. Working with people in the field of healthy lifestyles. We are expanding the team and we are looking for capable people. Are you interested in this offer -...

25.11.2016 - offer

dohodou offer - All CR
We accept a student for a few hours a week to work on internet marketing, work from home. The employment agreement + extra bonuses week. We require solid communication with clients.
Brigade IT

27.10.2016 - Brigade IT

dohodou offer - All CR
We offer: a summer job for a renowned IT company in Prague and the Czech Republic. This is a part-time job with a maximum of 300 hours per year. The cooperation agreement is based on DPP. The locus of Prague, the whole Republic. All you need to do at home, or anywhere access to PC ....
Employee / ce office cleaning

10.01.2017 - Employee / ce cleaning ...

dohodou offer Brno city
We are looking for staff / ci for cleaning offices for the National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions. Working hours Monday - Friday, from 15: 00 - 18: 00 (or by appointment). We are looking for employees with enthusiasm for work, we offer a clean environment and fair dealing.
Sales charitable objects Usti Region

30.10.2016 - Sales of charity ...

offer - Usti Region
Civic Association \\\ "\\\ Abandoned dog" is looking for volunteers to the region, sale of small items, plush pendants, magnets. We undemanding job suitable for nearly everyone who is not afraid to work and approach people. Working hours 30-40 ...
We are looking for temporary worker / temporary workers, Cologne

29.12.2016 - We are looking for temporary worker / ...

2,41 € offer Cologne
We look to our, good team (5 female), classy, ​​auxiliary force to the kitchen and tableware, working hours from 9,00 to 13,30 hours, no Saturdays, Sundays, no holidays, from Monday to Friday, we'll 65, - CZK per hour without stress and chasing, really, is dishwasher ...
You need some extra ducks here?

14.01.2017 - You need some ducks here ...

0,04 € offer - All CR
There needs some ducks in addition to the parent, to study or just? work is unassuming from the comfort of your home in just a little time, taste and access to the PC. if you are interested contact with, I will send more info and inquire
Seasonal work on ski and snowboard-ONSET IMMEDIATELY !!!

15.01.2017 - SEASONAL WORK IN RENTAL ...

text offer - ...
We will take reliable employee to ski and snowboard rentals in the mountain resort of the Giant. Job description: lending and adjustment of ski and snowboard equipment, minor maintenance, sale of goods ........... Onset immediately. The brigade will run until the end of March ....
temporary work

05.12.2016 - temporary work

inquiry Czech Budejovice
Waitress, 8 years experience, looking for a brigade-July, August and 2016.C.Budejovice surroundings.
The driver of passenger transport contract

11.01.2017 - The driver of passenger transport contract

0,04 € offer Prague 5
Candidates with own car (not necessarily on its name). Salary 27000 36000 to CZK net. Travel time is up to you - you move as much as you need. We require a clean criminal record. Own car 9 years younger. They provide bonuses in the form of a steady income, ...
We are looking for translators

12.11.2016 - We are looking for translators

dohodou offer - All CR
Do you translate? We are looking for the best students to translate not only entertaining videos on the Internet. Develop your language skills. In return you get references, for example, for your future employer. More details you will find on our site.

13.11.2016 - přivýdělek

nerozhoduje offer - All CR
Do you have a computer with a spare moment, you want to earn some money? S by DEDRA possible. You also have a choice. You can sell or just work with a computer and calmly both variations. Earnings guaranteed in both cases. For more information write.
Abandoned Dog Charity

14.11.2016 - Abandoned Dog Charity

Dohodou offer - Usti Region
-Opuštěný Dog- Civic Association is looking for volunteers to the region, sale of small items. Payment of each full week. In response, keep: Name your age, phone and email Where are you from possible onset
We are looking for colleagues

15.11.2016 - We are looking for colleagues

333,09 € offer - Karlovy Vary Region
For the project work conducted from home looking for communicative and reliable collaborators. Flexible working hours, training. Decide quickly and write.
Advisor Health and lifestyle

08.12.2016 - Adviser health and the environment ...

0,04 € offer - Pilsen Region
We are looking for colleagues to complete our team. It is a consulting and advisory services in the field of internal and external nutrition. This is one of the fastest growing sectors. You have great prospects.
Time is running

08.12.2016 - Time is running

314,58 € offer - Usti Region
Looking for the right sideline and just could not find it? You've just found it. Do you have internet at home and desire to learn new things. call

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